SiC is the appropriate word

By novembre-30, 2023 News

As you are already aware, the silicon carbide (SiC) substrate is gaining prominence due to its numerous advantages. SiC can accommodate broader energy densities compared to silicon, all while delivering high power conversion efficiency. Additionally, it boasts high thermal conductivity, a crucial property for dissipating the heat generated during power conversion. At the transistor level, SiC enables reduced conduction losses, making it suitable for high-current applications. It is therefore natural that SiC becomes intriguing in various expanding markets, such as power supplies, solar energy conversion, or even industrial motor controls. The conversion of energy into alternating current has thus become a booming market for many semiconductor players.

We can mention Infineon Technologies, which has a long history in SiC technology development, with over 20 years of experience. Another example is ON Semiconductor, which expanded its world’s largest SiC manufacturing plant in South Korea. The rapidly growing demand for SiC products has led to a surge in chip demand, with supply struggling to keep up. ON Semiconductor is also investing in a fully integrated SiC supply chain.

Recently, STMicroelectronics indicated active work on solutions based on silicon carbide, reaffirming the importance of this technology for future product road-maps in the automotive and renewable energy sectors. Without forgetting Soitec and its SmartSiC technology, we can address the electrification of our world in the most sustainable way possible. Go SiC, and all the best.

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