Be quantum

By mars-12, 2024 mars 24th, 2024 News

Quantum Sensing. Quantum Dots. Quantum Computing. Quantum Cryptography.

Quantum technology offers significant advantages in the fields of semiconductors and marketing. Whether we are discussing a quantum computer based on micro electronics technologies, which exploit the capabilities of Asian semiconductor producers, or those based on silicon using the same technologies as standard integrated circuits, the potential is immense.

The quantum bit, or qubit, based on semiconductors appears to be the technology that can be industrialized most quickly on a large scale today. Quantum computing could solve complex equations in sectors such as health, engineering, meteorology, and even finance. We all hope that the increasing demand for quantum computing will offer an opportunity for Europe to restore the balance of power with the United States and Asia in the digital field.

To better understand quantum technology, here are some relevant articles. Enjoy your reading and see you soon.

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