Commitments animates BNB markets. Commitment to understand and drive markets in a proper way and commitment to help and to accompany the industry players. We thrive on helping and supporting our client’s business in a long-term successful strategic relationship. With BNB markets, you can get on the fast track, you will get on the right track and you will not miss the train…

Market Research

Beyond the technical expertise of market research writing, BNB markets supports decision makers and engineers with a personalized human approach, putting everything flat with them and getting them to ask the right questions to address a sector or market, a strategic approach in a growth plan.

Sustainable Marketing

The circular economy offers new ways to create a more sustainable economic growth model. BNB markets can help you understand the growing business case for sustainable solutions and learn how to manage and grow a sustainable business by incorporating circular economy principles into your marketing strategies.

Market Investigations

BNB markets can be a preferred partner for any assistance in supporting a global marketing strategy. Thus, from a visit report of an identified trade show to a specific sector report, or for any need for information on an area or subject, in a decision-making logic, BNB markets can be your partner.

Marketing Automation

With a technology which allows to rationalize, automate and quantify flows of marketing tasks, the marketing automation can bring you a nice and fair avantage to increase and gain in efficiency your operational marketing plan. Ask BNB markets to partner with you on this strategic data management activity.

Strategic & Analytic Marketing

To identify and analyze a market, identify the characteristics, identify the players present and understand the impact of the environment, BNB markets offers this strategic and analytical marketing module including the conduct of a market study and knowledge of the methodologies for to be able to make the best use of them. Business portfolios (BCG, McKinsey, ADL), segmentation, targeting and positioning with the choice of fundamental marketing mix options complete the learning to be able to develop a complete and relevant strategic marketing plan.

Digital Marketing

Understand the techniques of digital marketing in the world of semiconductors: digital content, social media, emailing, lead nurturing. Ask BNB markets for a learning session to define an efficient conversion tunnel and to measure and optimize the ROI of the different actions.