Who we are

We are an international global service provider and consulting firm operating from Grenoble area, the french silicon valley. The DNA in the company is the high technology environment to build customized and dedicated marketing solutions for our clients.
Our market experience that integrate several aspect of the semi-conductor industry makes us a unique and valuable partner to our clients. We have the business acumen to understand our clients’ goals and build integrated marketing products to accompany properly their success. BNB markets is deeply committed to the success and the expectations of their clients.
Our vision is to provide our clients with the most targeted, cost-effective marketing supports while delivering the highest levels of customer service, counsel, experience and technologies available anywhere.

The People

The founder, with engineering and marketing backgrounds in high technology and semiconductor - medical, electronic and automation applications - launched BNB markets in 2019. The team comprises solution-oriented professionals who are passionate about producing innovative marketing activities to our B2B clients.

Lionel Touchart - Founder

Marketing passionate and market analyst specialist with extensive experience in #International Development, #Product Launch, #Content Marketing, #Market Research, #Engineering, # Medical Devices, #Semiconductors, #B2B Management

Lia Billaudel - Partner

Digital marketing passionate in #UI/UX Design, #Web Design, #Art Direction, #SEO, #Webmarketing, #Lead Generation

The Values

The passion animates BNB markets. Passion to understand and drive markets in a proper way and passion to help and to accompany the industry players, in order to indirectly participate to their success.
We are happy to help, happy to support in a successfull way, the business of our clients, in a long term relationship strategy.

Customers & Partners


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