Emerging technologies and marketing

By septembre-28, 2023 News

As interest in the metaverse, blockchain, and other emerging technologies rapidly increases, it’s easy to feel pressured to be the first to market with some of these technologies to stay current and maintain a competitive advantage.

Companies have the opportunity to learn from early adopters and determine which new technologies will best suit their own long-term goals. It is obviously necessary to monitor these emerging technologies, more specifically for marketing managers. This is where SIDO excels. With a particular focus on robotics for the hospital of the future, the Lyon show last week was, once again, rich in discoveries, offering a quality program and content. The event featured plenary conferences, round tables with experts discussing current issues, and various workshops offering solutions and customer testimonials.

Driven by the AI bubble, According to IC-IQ firm, Nvidia is expected to propel itself to the top of the semiconductor market in 2023, taking the place occupied almost continuously for 31 years by Intel. This would be the first time that a fabless chip company has achieved this title.

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