In B2B, it is digital marketing that keeps us afloat

By octobre-13, 2020 juin 10th, 2022 News

In troubled times as we are currently experiencing, particularly in B2B, it is digital marketing that keeps us afloat. However, it is sometimes difficult to convince of the value of marketing and its return on investment. The first thing is to align not only marketing and sales, but also the entire company, around the inbound marketing – making yourself visible, creating content to attract leads – defined as the first step. Then keep that same alignment for the setting up phase. This will allow us to identify the best-performing content among the various acquisition channels used, define the ROI of all campaigns and evaluate the strategies put in place. With the numbers in hand, it is even easier to highlight the benefits of a marketing strategy: from the smallest item (the performance of a message on social networks) to the most consequential (a large-scale operational marketing campaign such as a trade show or conference), the conclusions will appear clearly.

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