Good analysis

By novembre-25, 2021 juin 10th, 2022 News

The diagnosis of a situation, or the good analysis of a problem (it is often complex in the world of semiconductors), is a step which requires time, rigor and method. I say this regularly to my students, whether they are at the start of their cycle or just before entering working life. Building factories to make up for a shortage is a good idea, but be careful not to mix up problems and variables. Increasing the capacity of an existing plant is often easier than starting from scratch. In terms of project management and in terms of skills. And expecting to gain independence in a sector is another problem. With, as it is understood, a future Intel factory in Europe and a future TSMC factory in Texas, each player places his pawns for an increase in production, while strategically preparing his access to the various markets, with barriers that should be easily removed if necessary. But is it the appropriate long-term solution or a short-term plan? As example, car maker Kia is not really suffering from the current semiconductor shortage. His nationality identical to Samsung and the fact of transporting his vehicles with boats made by the same group surely helps a lot. In this newsletter, in addition to market-oriented articles, interesting reads on Apple and also on electric cars, parallel world I joined a few weeks ago. Finally, everything is being done today so that BNB markets can support you from the start of next year, with specific and personalized services for the various events and conferences in the pipe. Let’s keep our spirits up and see you soon.

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