What we have to look forward as B2B marketers in our semiconductor industry

By février-25, 2021 juin 10th, 2022 News

2021 is now running. What we have to look forward as B2B marketers in our semiconductor industry? First, let’s focus on the buying cycle (some of you knows well my interest for Miller Heiman) as the pandemic push us to better merge the digital marketing and the sales strategies. Get the sales and the marketing in alignment is the key element to give you a smoother process and a single and audible go-to-market voice. It is « more than » mandatory to take care of customers in the period we are facing. The Account Base Marketing (ABM) will naturally emerge and will bring additional value for appropriate business. The second positive effect is the natural creation of content from these both « worlds », a creation generating additionnal value for your buying cycle. And I will mention to manage the smartest possible way all available data. Exploiting them without losing the original value of each of them is a winning approach, and will avoid additional expenses in operational marketing. In 2021, marketing will drive growth. If vaccination allows the re-opening of conferences and trade shows and the general resumption of in-person contact, we have all to set a new strategy. As mentioned in the Bill and Melinda Gates annual letter released recently, this moment is appropriate to keep in mind a quote from Winston Churchill. In the fall of 1942, he gave a famous speech marking a military victory that he believed would be a turning point in the war against Nazi Germany. “This is not the end,” he warned. “It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Stay safe and as recently demonstrated by the NASA, perseverance is the word.

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