Reconnect time

By octobre-13, 2022 octobre 18th, 2022 News

We just sort out World Space Week, the largest annual space event in the world. Organized in many countries, it inspires and raises public awareness of space activities, encouraging international cooperation. This year’s theme is « Space and Sustainability » and how outer space can be used sustainably and can help us achieve sustainable development on earth. Let’s not forget that space exploration and Earth observation allow us to study climate change, detect pollution on land and at sea, or help develop agriculture in developing countries. To achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030), without the tools and technologies developed through space exploration, it could prove much more difficult. After the SIDO in Lyon last month (a brief report will be available from very soon), and Les Rendez-vous Carnot in Paris today, I will have the opportunity to meet you again in person in November. As the industry’s largest event in Europe for electronics, Electronica, in Munich, will be the perfect place to reconnect, network, and discuss marketing! Hope to see you there.

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