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By avril-22, 2021 juin 10th, 2022 News

I am delighted to announce that BNB markets has just joined Minalogic. To explain, Minalogic is the global competitiveness hub for digital, micro and nanoelectronics, optical-photonics and software technologies. It can be mentioned that NXP, ST or Soitec are some of its founding members. Minalogic is headquartered in Grenoble and covers the entire Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This support will boost our development and international outreach objectives while consolidating the implementation with local players. As such, BNB markets will be present at the Minalogic Business Meetings 2021 next month. Second good news this month. Addapt, the innovative software offering announced last month to support and inspire customer-oriented teams, has just passed a full-scale test with a Beta partner. Thank you to Iconda Solutions, be a little more patient and see you next month to find out all about this platform.

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