Why our Customer Experience Teams Need More Help Than Ever Before

By juillet-14, 2022 juillet 19th, 2022 News

In Technology-Based Companies today, the situation for Customer Experience teams is challenging, to say the least! Greater economic stress, ever more complex work and customer expectations verging on the surreal.
Where does this stress come from and how do these complexities and expectations arise?
Let’s start with the economic equation – the right product, the right price, the right service, the right support. The tensions between these equation components are directly related to, on the one hand, increased exposure of businesses to worldwide competition and, on the other, the fragility of our economies. It is widely acknowledged that these two factors are constantly increasing, leading mechanically to an increase in the overall economic stress.
Turning to the complexity issue, our products are increasingly layered, composed of standard upon standard to the point where the basics are lost sight of. Long gone are the days when a product was built from repairable and accessible components – diodes, transistors, switches, etc. – and when software programs had nicely delimited functions.
Rapidly understanding a customer’s situation, problems and needs is essential if we are to have a chance of meeting their expectations before the competition. Every customer interaction must therefore be relevant. The key to doing this is adapting our approach to each and every customer according to their context.

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