Digital transformation is now underway

By mai-27, 2021 juin 10th, 2022 News

Digital transformation is now underway and thinking about its environmental impact is everyone’s duty. And an economy focused on functionality rather than property would have the potential to reduce climate impact and resource need. The ecological footprint of digital technologies is therefore a debate. For example, if we put more and more intelligence into our technologies, will they not become more and more efficient and thus require less and less resources? And how can growth-based marketing reduce the environmental impact of our semiconductor companies while delivering the expected profitability? The first idea is to consider digital, as recently mentioned by the INR, with a 3P approach (People, Planet, Profit). Marketers shouldn’t really be lost with this concept to find sustainable market solutions based on these three dimensions! The second trend concerns the business plan, with the integration of ecological benefits clearly spelled out in financial terms. This, of course, involves having a clear tax policy and the most explicit financial expectations. BNB markets is currently preparing an in-depth study on the subject. Stay tuned!

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